Shared Lounge

The Shared Lounge is located on Level 6 which is the roof top of The Nix.

This beautifully furnished space includes free wifi, kitchen, wine fridge, dining area, bathroom facilities and a wrap-around balcony with the most spectacular water views. This space is free for all residents to enjoy.

We ask that you leave the lounge as you found it, wash and put away any dishes that you use.

There are 2 apartments that share the top floor so please be mindful of noise after hours and close the sliding doors when you leave.

Team & Contacts

Tanya Maher

Property Manager | 020 4070 6155 |

Our Property Manager Tanya will be your first point of contact in helping you find the most suitable apartment for your needs.

After you decide to make The Nix your new home, Tanya will be providing all in-house management of residents to ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible for the duration of their lease.

Whether you have a building related query or need help with one of our many amenities and services provided, Tanya will be there to help.


(From left to right) Tanya Maher, Emma Macmillan, Chris Bufton.

Our management team at Resident Properties is dedicated to providing access to the lifestyle you want, free from the commitment you don’t, from a developer with an unrivalled reputation and long-term commitment to the district it calls home. Our aim is to deliver a simple sign-up process, a hassle-free move-in, offering flexible tenancies with no hidden fees and forever working behind the scenes to make sure we are providing the best service for our residents.

Tanya Maher
020 4070 6155

Chris Bufton
021 026 34776

Emma Macmillan
021 293 5517


GregMore Group


Our Facilities Management team is there to ensure the smooth running of the entire building on behalf of the Building Owners Resident Properties.

Our dedicated team will facilitate everything from moving into your apartment to ensuring any comfort or repairs and maintenance related faults such as the items below are fixed without inconvenience to our residents.

  • Electrical work
  • Fire Protection
  • General Repairs and Maintenance
  • Glazing
  • Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lifts
  • Lock repairs
  • Plumbing

You can contact them directly at any time, or simply log an issue on the Re-leased Tenant app. Phone: 0800 901 901. Email:


+64 20 4070 6155

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PO BOX 37365,
Parnell, 1052

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